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The You Can NOT Be Replaced has worked with a young adult team since the beginning in 2012. We knew from our relationships with young people that statistics and clinical education was not enough. We needed to have a solid vision of what life is really like for our young people in school, socially and with family. That view needed to come through the eyes of their peers if we wanted to impact them and truly add value to their lives.


We have high standards for the authenticity of the young people we work with and are incredibly proud of each one.  The YCNBR team helps us craft our content, contributes to our creativity, marketing and planning events. Our team members are have unique backgrounds in film; art, design, communications, social work, education, psychology, recovery and wellness.  The team also helps to facilitate workshops and events and some will be speaking at schools as of the fall 2015.


 They are exceptional young adults with a passion for making an impact. 

Emily Dayton is the co-founder of YCNBR. She has come back to the east coast from the University of Dallas where she was majoring in Fine Art to be closer to home and help with the organization. Emily graduated from Cabrini College with a major in communications and her painting will be her minor. Emily received her graphic design certificate while still in high school and does all our design work, tshirts, advertising and our logos. 


Did you know? Emily has no vision other than peripheral  out of her  left eye as the result of a birthmark on her cornea as an infant. She paints, draws and plays soccer with sight in only one eye. 



Quinn Batcho has been a team member of YCNBR since the first couple months we were together. Quinn studied theater production and management with a degree in Theater and Dance from Montclair State University. Quinn is a graduate student at Monmouth University and will be getting her Masters in Social Work spring of 2016. Quinn helps with our planning of events, writing content and fundraising. Quinn has lost 4 friends to heroin addictions including her best friend 2 years ago, she has a powerful story of grief, healing and prevention. She will be speaking with YCNBR fall 2015


Did you know? Quinn rode an elephant in Thailand on the trip of a lifetime that she took by herself...with 20 YCNBR wristbands to pass of course. 

Amanda Matyas joined our team  at the beginning. She graduated as an English Major from Catholic University.  Amanda will be completing her Masters in education at Kean University in the spring of 2016. Amada is our 'Twitter Chick'. She finds all the inspirational quotes you read every morning. Amanda will be interning for us while at Kean helping out with events, concerts, scheduling school assemblies and organizing databases.


Did you know? Amanda has been competing as an Irish step dancer since she was little. She competed in regional and national championships multiple times and she has even qualified for the world championships

Bryan Nevin is new to our YCNBR team.  Bryan has a miraculous story of surviving and conquering the demons in his life. At 12 he turned down the long road of substance abuse with alcohol. He progressed to pot, hallucinogens and ended with a heroin addiction that lasted 9 years. His journey took him to 9 rehabs, several detox centers, and a dozen stays in jails.


Miraculously, Bryan is now 7 years clean and sober enjoying a life of structured recovery and healthy living. He lives on the Jersey Shore, works in the construction industry, and creates unique hand crafted furniture. Bryan is looking forward to traveling to schools sharing his message of hope speaking with You Can NOT Be Replaced.


Did you know? Bryan is also a yoga instructor teaching Kundalini yoga and practices meditation as a key element in his recovery/contentment and healthy life style.


Adrianna Matyas has been with us for two years. She is younger sister to our famous intern Amanda. Adrianna is the President of The You Can NOT Be Replaced Chapter at Catholic University. Adrianna was featured in our round table video talking about teen issues with our high school students last year. She helps us create, plan and execute events and raise money. 


Currently Adrianna is a senior Architecture major and Psychology minor at The Catholic University of America. She is fresh off study abroad travels where she lived and studied in Rome for 5 months.


Did you know? During her time across the pond I traveled to 12 countries and 45 cities. 

Justin Godynick is a newer addition to our team. He worked with us in the beginning stages of one of our chapters. Justin grew up locally and was impacted by the cluster in our area. During the time the community was living through the loss of young life, Justin lost a close family friend. He has a deep desire to be active in helping others. He just completed  his Masters in Communications at Monmouth University.



Did you know?


He looks familiar doesnt he? Justin is a  meteorologist with News 12 and you can often see him telling us if we need a jacket or not!

Other Team Members.

Cathy Taft has been with us since the inception of YCNBR. She is our elementary school contact, helps us by volunteering at events and planning events. Cathy helped us create our 'You are the only you' for 2-5th grade. 


Cathy was an elementary teacher for all Dayton children. She is positive, fun, encouraging and motivates student with her big personality. She goes the extra mile and attends her students extra cirricular activities and even goes to thier high school graduations. 


Did you know? Cathy has one daughter with bright red hair. She was Teacher of  the  year in 2011. We think she deserves to be teacher of the year every year!

Chryseis A McHugh has been a part of our adult team since the beginning. She is our liason to our local high school and our very favorite Life is Good Club. Chyseies helps us to plan events and meet with the students. We could not have Squanapalooza without her and all the work she does in the planning. 


Chryseis coached Emily while she was in high school and was her Biology teacher. She is 'awesome' and a student favorite. 



Did you know? That in Chryseis went to Manasquan High School and  her mother was a Dayton children preschool teacher. Chrysies is best known for being the quintesential Manasquan student wearing flip flops year round while in High School, she just added toes socks when it was cold.

Christopher Dayton has been on the team since the beginning. He majored in Political Science at Christendom College. He spent 4 years working closely with local representatives and legislators as well as on campaigns. He is He is now a third year seminarian at St. Mary's University and Seminary in Baltimore, Maryland. Christopher works as our communications director, helps plan events and is an essential part of planning and executing of the mission of the irreplaceable person.


Did you know? Christopher spent 4 years in politics writing legislation and working on campaigns. He has met Governor Christie, Mitt Romney and Bill Cosby. Hurricane Sandy hit and Christopher began volunteering with YCNBR and our town. He worked closely with several churches and eventually chose to go to seminary and leave politics.


'Today was my last day at work and I passed my bracelet onto my co-worker. She noticed it when I first started working and I had explained it to her before, not knowing that she would soon my its recipient! 
Well, when I gave it to her today and told her how special she was she started crying! I never thought something as small as a bracelet could have the power to bring about such emotion from someone! Of course because she was crying I started to tear up too!
So thanks to you, I got to witness another moment of God's beautiful grace! She is a wonderful independent woman who I know has faced her fair share of struggles in her life and I hope when she looks at her bracelet she will always find the strength to keep moving forward and to keep being her awesome self!
Again, what you are doing is AWESOME and I can't wait to give away more of my bracelets!'
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