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The Board


Susan Brennan

Susan has been with YCNBR since before we were a 5013c non profit. Sue has contributed her legal expertise, spent countless hours assisting us in our registering and filing with our accountants, state and government. She has been a trusted wisdom person and proof reader of much of our content, business plan and purpose.


Sue is the mother of 6 children and works as an attorney. She homeschooled her children for 7 years and is now involved in her school PTO as  outreach coordinator for families in crisis or transition. 

Kim Beyer

Kim  is a Spring Lake HTS resident and mother of her amazingly kind daughter Grace, a Derek Jeter fan and Director of Happiess at Raceway Park in Englishtown. Kim's background is in education but she spends  her days mentoring young people who work on her team at Raceway Park. She give 110% to her work and her family. Her heart is as big as the Grand Canyon and she is very excited to help us reach more kids than we ever hoped for using her gifts, talents and wisdom. She has already contributed greatly helping with the Color Run and future event planning. 

Melissa and Chip


Melissa and Chip are the founders of YCNBR. They bring with them 18 years of marriage and family ministry. Chip studied agronomy at Rutgers and ran Suneagles Golf Course for over 15 years. He has led men's groups, character clubs for Jr high boys and high school groups. He recently worked in Hurricane Relief and stepped down to work on YCNBR full time.

 Melissa is an artist and completed a formation program with LaSalle University and the Diocese of Trenton in 2013. She has led women, youth and marriage groups. 


The Dayton's have 8 children and are committed to reach as many young people as possible through thier work with YCNBR. 



Michael Penkethman

 Michael has been an advisor for YCNBR since the beginning, coming to planning meetings and financial brain storming but has now been officially added to the board. Michael is an excellent speaker and presents to large companies methods of understanding different personality, relationship and communication styles. Michael works with young people and coaches several sports teams. He is experienced in addiction recovery and offers an insight into outreach and education. He lives in Wall NJ and is the father of 6 children and husband to Allison. 


Dr. James Louro

Jim lives in Wall NJ and is also the father of 6 children. He and his wife Judy are long time community members. He is a doctor of Chiropractic and offers valuable knowledge in treating addiction and mental health issues through diet, exercise and natural treatments. Jim serves on the board at his alma mater Life University and has been the chiropractor for the national rugby team.  He has  taught and coached young people and offers his expertise to young people in rehabs as alternative ways to deal with pain. He is a wise and kind soul that is our our latest addition ot our team. We are thrilled to have him. 

Emily Dayton

Emily Dayton is the founder of YCNBR. She is a senior at Cabrini college in Pa. She spent her Sophomore and Junior years in Texas majoring in fine art but returned to Cabrini for her senior year to major in communications and be more involved with the orgainization. Emily has a graphic design certificate from high school and does all the graphic work for YCNBR. She will be graduatiing in June and will be with us full time and available for speaking. 

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