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"Great presentation. All the right info that no one is talking about. thanks for putting it all together."


"Very worth the time. Excellent relatable speakers with great advice. Best use of PTA money ever."


"All the info you need to parent teenagers and to give them the best possibility of a whole upbringing."

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I can not put into words how good this session was. Not a lecture. Not simply about suicide or Alcohol/drug use . It's about providing a loving, calm, safe and smooth journey through childhood so that when our kids reach the tough MS and HS years , they have better abilities to help themselves be a good friend / cope with life stressors in a healthy manner/being a good strong family unit.

Even my husband was glad he went.



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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



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You Can NOT Be Replaced® was established by Melissa, Chip and Emily Dayton in 2012 after the 7th suicide from our local high school. All artwork was designed by Emily Dayton, content written by Melissa Dayton.


The campaign for National Suicide Prevention Week 2013 by To Write Love On Her Arms is not affiliated with us.