"You Can NOT Be Replaced is an exceptional school assembly that addresses many important and challenging aspects of teenage life, such as the expression of feelings, general mental health, suicide, bullying, and drug/alcohol use. The program easily captures the attention of students through personal stories, interactive games, and a connection through "Jersey culture".


Many students have reported that You Can NOT Be Replaced is the best school program that they have viewed during their high school years. A key component of the program is that the students are able to leave with a clear and concrete message through the distribution of wristbands.


You Can NOT Be Replaced has the ability to promote positive school climate, increase acts of kindness among the school community, and improve the chance of students making healthy decisions in their personal lives - all through the simple concept of the irreplaceable value of each individual." -​

School Psychologist

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



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You Can NOT Be Replaced® was established by Melissa, Chip and Emily Dayton in 2012 after the 7th suicide from our local high school. All artwork was designed by Emily Dayton, content written by Melissa Dayton.


The campaign for National Suicide Prevention Week 2013 by To Write Love On Her Arms is not affiliated with us.