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 In this video, I'll be sharing my experiences and insights on service learning, specifically how it can help revive student engagement and combat apathy in schools. I'll discuss the importance of intentional community involvement, recognizing students' strengths, and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones. I'll also touch on the positive impact service learning has on students' confidence, academic performance, and relationships.


With the challenges brought by COVID, it's crucial for us as educators to help students catch up and reignite their passion for learning through tangible experiences. Join me this week as I provide tips and strategies to enhance your classroom teaching.


Feel free to email me any questions you have. Let's make a difference together!

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In this video, I discuss the importance of assessing the different communities within your building and outside of it when starting a service program. I share my experience of evaluating existing relationships and deciding whether to continue or seek new ones. I also emphasize the significance of examining the health of adult relationships within the building, especially after the challenges of COVID.


Compassion fatigue is a real concern, and I suggest connecting with nonprofits or traumatic loss coalitions for healing and recovery support. I encourage viewers to prioritize bonding exercises before initiating any new programs. Let's build strong and resilient communities together! 🤝

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Day 2

Okay, so let's talk about the students. Student leaders, you probably already have them. I'm pretty sure you have National Honor Society. You probably have a peer leader group. Those are kind of the easy groups to start with because they already have some leadership training. You've already interviewed them. They've been screened a little bit. Um, they've had to have a teacher recommendation to be in your group and your National Honor Society kids already have to do service anyway, right? So that would be the easy answer.

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How do you decide what community groups to work with?

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Day 3

Thank you 🌟!

“Service leadership was such a special program because it not only taught us about how to serve our greater community and help people, but it also taught us a lot about teamwork, planning, organizing, management of resources, etc. I believe that the duality of the program focusing on both the spiritual aspect of service and the logistical side of service was key in the success of the program. Learning about the spiritual side of service helped us gain perspective about the communities we were serving and made the service more meaningful and fulfilling for everyone involved because we were taught to focus on those we were serving not what we were actually doing. And on the logistical side we were able to learn how to research the community we wanted to impact, plan out what we wanted to do, reach out the community director and propose our plan to them, organize a timeline and resources needed to stay on task, and then manage our peers, time, and resources to have a successful day of service.”

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