Last summer Chip and I had dinner at a local restaraunt on the patio with our two oldest kids. Emily watched as countless young girls walked in herds towards our towns firemans fair. She was appalled that each and everyone of them had on the 'uniform'. Cut off jeans and belly shirts, regardless of thier sizes, shape and age. She decided that she wanted to help young girls dress in a way that reflected who they were not what everyone told them they should be. The birth of Grace.Kelly.Effect. Follow her and her friend Emily as they search for cute outfits and styles!



Emily Dayton

I'm passionate about fashion and I believe that it is one of many ways to be able to express yourself as an individual. Through this project The Grace Kelly Effect I, along with the help of my good friend Emily Frost, want to show girls and young women the real sexy. Being confident, sophiscated and voicing your own styles and personalities! You can follow us on Facebook and Pinterest as well!


Xoxo Emily

Emily Frost

Welcome to the Grace Kelly Effect! My name is Emily Frost and I will be posting/blogging alongside founder, Emily Dayton. I am so passionate about fashion and believe that it is a true art form inspired by the incredible world around us. Style and personality expression inspire me, and our goal here is to inspire you with what a smart, sophisticated, confident sexy looks like.


Enjoy! Emily

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



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You Can NOT Be Replaced® was established by Melissa, Chip and Emily Dayton in 2012 after the 7th suicide from our local high school. All artwork was designed by Emily Dayton, content written by Melissa Dayton.


The campaign for National Suicide Prevention Week 2013 by To Write Love On Her Arms is not affiliated with us. 



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